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Love Stories


H.O.G.® Love Stories.

Ole ’Glas’ Andersen

Home country: Denmark

H-D® model: FLHTK Electra Glide® Ultra Limited


I first discovered Harley-Davidson when…

While attending the 40th anniversary celebrations for Ford Mustang in Nashville in 2004, I visited the local H-D® dealership and fell in love with a 1998 Road King® Classic (95th anniversary model), which had been on my wish-list for some time! I ordered the bike that day, and immediately upon my return home I joined H.O.G.® and became a member of the Copenhagen Chapter, where I received a very warm welcome. My Road King arrived as planned and ever since I have been travelling Europe attending rallies, as well as taking holidays with H.O.G. friends. After 12 years and more than 90,000 miles on the clock (most of them with my lovely wife on the back seat!), I moved on to an Electra Glide Ultra Limited, and today I have exceeded 150,000 miles with Harley Davidson.

I love my Harley® because…

It gives me a strong sense of freedom, and through my rides to bike meets and chapter events I have formed friends and ‘Harley® families’ all over Europe and the United States. I never travel alone.

Joining H.O.G.® allowed me to…

Make some amazing memories at H.O.G. rallies. I try to attend as many as possible every year, as well as joining chapters throughout Europe on their local rides, where possible. As a long-time Road Captain for the Copenhagen Chapter, I get real joy from planning rides, and take pride in organising memorable trips around Denmark and Sweden for my H.O.G. friends.

My favourite ever ride was…

Having so many miles on the clock, it is difficult to mention just one, but one of my favourites was a trip with my wife and a group of friends from the chapter. We attended the national H.O.G. rally in Åre, Sweden, and afterwards took the small winding coastal highway to Bodø in Norway, where we sailed to Lofoten to join the Norwegian National Rally in Svolvær. After that came a three-day ride from Svolvær to Nordkapp, in which 100 Harleys from all over Europe took part.

My best H.O.G. experience was…

Taking part in the Harley parades in Cascais and Faaker See – I love joining bike parades!

For me H.O.G. is…

Finding family and friends wherever I go, who share my passion for riding and Harley-Davidson.

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Torbjörn Windseth

Home country: Sweden, Umeå

H-D® model: FLHTK Electra Glide® Ultra Limited


My friend, who has been riding motorcycles since he was young, nagged me to get a motorcycle for years. He kept saying there would be a day when I’d feel it’s too late to started riding a bike, and I eventually gave in. There was never any doubt I’d buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and in 2008 I fell in love with the new Nightster™, which was all black and took details from earlier models, such as rubber on the front fork. It was light and easy to be mischievous with.

In 2009, my friend and I started exploring Norway along the curvy and interesting roads. We didn’t plan the routes; we just rode to where our noses pointed. Although the Nightster wasn’t the best bike for carrying camping gear, I still managed to tie up my tent and sleeping bag and off we’d go. After two years, I felt I’d outgrown it and looked for a Harley-Davidson Night Train – another black bike. There were some on the market but not one I wanted. Then I came across a Softail Custom in Gothenburg in a really nice colour and I fell in love again!

The bike had two previous owners and less than 10,000km on the clock. It was 2007 model and I felt it suited me better for road trips. I bought saddlebags and heated grips, and other modifications included an engine upgrade and styling details to make it mine.

Riding in Norway is spectacular because the landscape and roads are magnificent – there are roads that go round fjords, cross over mountains and have lots of tunnels. One year we did part of the Norwegian Scenic Routes and rode over the mountain instead of taking the shortest route through a 30km tunnel.

We had a lovely view at the top of the mountain and decided to stay for the day. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and the temperature was comfortable. We needed a place for our tent, so we carefully drove between stones and rocks to a small area of grass about 50 metres from the road. Once the tent was pitched out came the Trangia kitchen set and we cooked marinated beef for dinner. A small stream with clear cold water from melted snow was ideal for making coffee the next morning. At this point we noticed three riders with adventure bikes that stopped by the roadside. They walked towards us and the first word we heard when they pointed at our bikes was “Harley offroad!” We laughed and this has become a memorable moment for us.

Two years later we had almost explored the north and middle of Norway, and our next trip took us to Bergen. On the first day we stayed at my colleague’s holiday home on the coastline just outside the city. The sky was blue and it was 24 °C at the Atlantic Ocean – amazing. The next day we headed south and came to Hardangerfjord, which stretches for more than 178km. The weather was lovely, so we rode round the fjord. There were stands by the road selling cherries, strawberries and fruits from different trees. We rode for more than 800km that day, taking plenty of coffee breaks and time out to enjoy the view.

Heading south, the Norwegian landscape changes – there aren’t as many mountains and the roads are a bit faster to lay behind you. We were coming near the southernmost part when it was time to search for somewhere to stay overnight. We drove towards the coastline and saw a lighthouse and parking spot, which we dismissed because it was overcrowded with caravans and mobile homes – and a lot of cows behind a fence! We went a bit further and found we found another parking area, sweeping past more mobile homes and caravans until we reached a grass area in the centre. We parked up, pitched the tent and settled down for a good night’s sleep. In the morning we unzipped the tent to see an elderly couple sitting at a table watching us. They pointed at two extra cups and invited us to join them for coffee. We accepted, of course, and spent the morning having a lovely chat with them.

Each year, my passion for riding grew, and in 2018 we established the H.O.G.® Umeå Chapter and I started as charter member and director. Once again, I felt there were more interesting bikes out there for me. I went to the Harley-Davidson® dealership in Umeå and was shown a brand-new 2019 Road Glide® Special in an unusual color. There was no way back – I had to have it! Now it’s even easier to travel to explore. You might think I’m a Harley-Davidson nerd, and I might agree.

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